Do you know Aloe vera juice recipe?

glass with water and aloes

It is so simple to make this wonder herb part of your everyday diet. You might have heard of the external benefits of this juice, like sunburn relief, but this is just a small part of its useful properties. When taken internally it enhances your health condition in various ways: helps you lose weight, prevents different diseases and cleanses the colon.

Some mild health issues have been commonly treated by our grandparents with the help of the juice of the plant in question. They used it to relieve pain and quicken the healing of wounds, cuts, burns. Indeed this way of treating minor disorders was one of their favorite ones, still one did not take it internally, as a rule. Nowadays the situation has changed and this juice is more and more used as an addition to one’s daily menu.

Lots of herbs can be used in more than one way, like roses for instance, and our plant is not an exception. As we are talking about its external use, let’s see how we can make several kinds of drinks out of it. Another thing to be mentioned, before we proceed to the recipes, is that the resulting drink might not be palatable, as it has a rather bitter taste. Nevertheless, the benefits it gives to your health are obvious so hopefully you won’t let this influence your choice to improve your health condition by drinking it.

But what exactly can we achieve by drinking this juice? Our bodies tend to store food residues, different toxins and bacteria that act as a block for the intestinal lining in the digestive tract. As a result the nutrients cannot be properly absorbed. If you consume this juice regularly your body will be gradually getting rid of the junk it no longer needs and will avoid various disorders of the digestive systems such as ulcers, indigestion, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

So if you decided to make this healthy drink at home, here are some recipes for it. You can make a drink of the color you like, as the pulp of the plant we use is colorless. But first of all let us offer you an aloe vera juice recipe involving just the plant itself, without any additions. Such a drink will let you experience the herb’s benefits to the fullest, you just have to get used to its taste.

What you need is to take several plant’s leaves and cut them into pieces (not very big ones, just a few centimeters long). Put the pieces in a pot and bring to the boil. They should boil for a couple minutes but be attentive – it shouldn’t boil over. Then take the pot off the flame and cool it for at least an hour, without taking the pieces out of water. When the drink is ready, the pieces can be taken out. The liquid that remains will complement your diet.
If you fell you won’t be able to tolerate this specific taste, there is an option for you – a light and lemony drink. You should take a cucumber, an apple, a lemon and two tablespoons of the plant’s pulp. Blend the cucumber and the apple, and then add the juice of one lemon. In order to get the pulp, cut the plant’s leaf and scoop it out. Add it to the mixture.

You can make a drink to your taste by improvising and mixing it with various kinds of juice. However, it should be highlighted that making your own juice is much more expensive than buying a ready-made one. The case is that these plants grow in a certain climate so not everyone can grow them in their backyard. Buying potted plants will also cost a pretty penny. So if you find out you cannot afford it, just choose a product made by a reliable manufacturer and enjoy all the benefits of this healthy drink every day.

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